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tab tasks idm
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Tab tasks in Internet Download Manager (IDM) play a crucial role in managing and organizing your downloads efficiently. Here are some important tasks that you can perform in the tab tasks section:

tab tasks in idm


Add New Download

This task allows you to manually add a new download link to IDM. Simply click on the “Add New Download” button, paste the URL of the file you want to download, and IDM will start downloading it immediately.

Add Batch Download in Tab Tasks

With this task, you can add multiple download links at once to IDM. This is useful when you want to download several files simultaneously without having to add each link individually.

Add Batch Download from Clipboard

This task enables you to add multiple download links that are copied to your clipboard. Simply click on the “Add Batch Download from Clipboard” button, and IDM will automatically detect and add all the links to the download queue.

Run Site Grabber in Tab Tasks

Site Grabber is a powerful tool in IDM that allows you to download all files from a specific website or webpage. By using the “Run Site Grabber” task, you can configure settings such as file types to download and site depth before initiating the download process.

A site grabber is a tool that allows you to download all the content from a specific website. This can include text, images, videos, and other media files.

When you run a site grabber, you input the URL of the website you want to grab content from, and the tool will then systematically crawl through the site, downloading all the necessary files to your local computer.

Site grabbers are often used for a variety of purposes, such as downloading an entire website for offline viewing, backing up important content, or simply collecting information for research or analysis.

Some site grabbers offer advanced features like the ability to schedule automated downloads, filter specific types of content, or customize the download process based on your specific needs.

Overall, site grabbers are valuable tools for efficiently collecting and organizing online content for various purposes.


Show Drop Target

The drop target is a handy feature in IDM that allows you to drag and drop download links directly onto the IDM window. By clicking on the “Show Drop Target” task, you can easily access this feature and quickly add new downloads.

site grabber in tab tasks idm

Export in Tab Tasks

The Export task enables you to save and export the current download list in IDM to a file. This is useful for creating backups or transferring the download list to another device or computer.


The Import task allows you to import a previously exported download list file back into IDM. This is helpful when you want to restore your previous download list or transfer the list to a different IDM installation.

In conclusion, tab tasks in Internet Download Manager provide you with various functionalities to manage and organize your downloads effectively. By utilizing these tasks, you can streamline the downloading process and ensure all your files are downloaded efficiently.

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