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Tab Home

Bandicam is a popular screen recording and video editing software that offers a variety of powerful tools to help you create high-quality content. The software features a user-friendly interface with a tab home that includes options to easily get started with recording, managing videos, images, and audios.

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Get Started

The “Get Started” section of the tab home provides users with step-by-step instructions on how to start recording their screen or gameplay. Users can choose different recording modes such as full screen, rectangle, or around mouse and adjust settings for video and audio recording. Additionally, they can select the output format and quality settings to customize their recording experience. Additionally, users can customize hotkeys for easier control of the recording process.

The “Videos” section of the tab home is where users can manage their recorded videos. Here, you can view and edit the recordings, trim or cut unwanted parts, add text or annotations, and apply various filters and effects to enhance the video quality. You can also save the videos in different formats and share them directly to social media platforms.

In the “Images” section, users can capture screenshots of their screen or specific areas. The software allows for easy editing of the images, including adding text, shapes, and arrows, as well as adjusting brightness, contrast, and color settings. You can save the images in various formats and share them with others.

The “Audios” section of the tab home is where users can record audio from their microphone or system sound. Bandicam offers options to adjust the volume, bitrate, and sample rate of the audio recording, as well as add background music or voiceovers to videos. You can save the audio recordings in different formats and easily integrate them into your videos.

Overall, Bandicam’s tools and tab home provide users with a comprehensive set of features to create professional-looking videos, images, and audios. Whether you are a gamer, content creator, or educator, Bandicam is a versatile and reliable software that can help you bring your ideas to life.


Full Screen

Another option Bandicam provides is to record in “Full Screen” mode. This is useful when you want to capture everything that is happening on your screen, without excluding any details.

Specific Window in Tab Home

You can also choose to record a “Specific Window” on your screen. This is handy when you only want to capture a particular application or program, rather than the whole screen.

Device Recording

Bandicam offers the option to record content from external devices, like webcams and external cameras, in addition to screen recording. You can access this feature in the “Device Recording” tab on the home screen. This is great for creating tutorial videos or vlogs.

tab device recording in bandicam

Game Recording

Furthermore, Bandicam has a “Game Recording” in tab home feature that enables you to capture gameplay footage with ease. Bandicam caters to both professional gamers looking to showcase their skills and casual players eager to share their progress. Whether you fall into either category, Bandicam has all your recording needs covered.

Audio Recording in Tab Home

If you prefer to record audio only, Bandicam offers a tab specifically for this purpose with “Audio Recording”. You can easily set up your recording options and start capturing high-quality audio for your projects.


With Bandicam’s comprehensive tools and user-friendly interface, you can easily create professional and engaging screencasts, tutorials, gameplay recordings, and more. So why wait? Download Bandicam and get started with Bandicam today and unleash your creativity!

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